Cooking Passion

I cook for hobby and for passion. I began cooking as a young boy with my nanny, Elena, who used to start sautéing her herbs early in the mornings so she could prepare her succulent pasta sauces and tasty roasts.

Personally, the smell of a roast cooking at eight in the morning used to bother me. Today, however, I believe that I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful and patient teacher. As the years passed, cooking became a true passion.

I carefully research the products we buy as well as search out the best straight from our own property including porcini mushrooms for a great risotto and strigoli (an indigenous wild herb) to give that special touch to our tasty egg frittata.

I am particularly passionate about cheeses, especially the ones made by Signor Tillo from San Pancrazio, who makes amazing varieties like Rocco, Erbolino and Buccia di Rospo, all made from sheep's milk.

Some of his pecorinos are best enjoyed with “baccelli” (fresh fava beans) and lightly drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil—I recommend the olive oil produced at Tenuta le Viste, naturally—and a bit of salt.

The key to preparing any delicious dish is using high quality raw materials. The San Lorenzo market, famous for its ample selection, boasts excellent goods like Massimiliano's fish, the “trippaio's” tripe and lampredotto, and Signor Tarch's meats.


The main ingredient, however, is always love, which guarantees any dish's success and satisfaction.

The Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tenuta Le Viste

olio EVO Tenuta Le Viste

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