The olive's piking falls between October and November.

You can join in with us to pick the olives and turn them into the pure extra-virgin oil following the traditional recepies.

You will join in the farm's olives picking and you will be present to the first crushing.


When: end of October ­ end of November.

Length : 1 -1/2 days.


Le Viste Estates makes two types of oil, available in two different sizes. The first is an extra virgin olive oil produced with all six types of olives. It is known for its intense tasty flavour. The second oil is a delicately flavoured extra virgin olive oil, produced exclusively with Frantoiane and Morellino olives. Both varieties can be purchased in 75 ml bottles and three litre tins directly on-line on www.leviste.it

The Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tenuta Le Viste

olio EVO Tenuta Le Viste

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