The garden

The owners' passion for growing flowers, especially roses, was sparked here in the hills of Florence. When the estate was purchased, the majority of the fields that surrounded it were not only not cultivated, they were overgrown with weeds. During the years, a magnificent park was created and filled with of all types of flowers: hydrangeas, azaleas, peonies, geraniums, age-old pomegranate and various kinds of roses, including wild, English, climbing and shrub.

During the blooming season from the end of April to October, visitors will feel heady from the roses perfume and enchanted by their splendid colours ranging from white to pink, yellow and salmon. The garden boasts a 17m x7m pool surrounded by a deck for sunning and five gazebos. Here visitors will find climbing roses like the Mermaid, which produces large yellow flowers with numerous petals and a delicate fragrance.

We also find the Celestial, an ancient rose with a seductive fragrance.

The climbing roses make it possible to rest and relax under a rooftop of roses. Along the path surrounding the park are English rose plants which are particularly suited to being cut, and are famous for their intensity and complexity of fragrances including musk, myrrh and fruity accents.

A pen of cashmere goats is located just a few steps from the pool.

Valuable cosmetics are produced from their milk.


The estate is also home to numerous homing pigeons, four donkeys (two of which were born here), and two affectionate Westhigland Terriers, Turbo and Diesel.


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The Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tenuta Le Viste

olio EVO Tenuta Le Viste

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